Serial Killer Victims Index provides a place of memory for victims of serial killers.

Family Members of Serial Killers - the forgotten Victims

Nobody talks about the most forgotten victims of criminals - their families. Not only did they loose a family member as well as the victim´s families, they also feel all sort of blame. While the victim´s families will ask themselves forever "Why did this happen to our loved one?", the offenders families will ask themselves forever "What did we do wrong? Couldn´t we foresee/prevent what happened?"

The story of serial killers is often a story of missed opportunities will give the opportunity to family members of serial killers to share their thoughts, to write about their feelings, to tell about their pain. Please contact me with your valuable insight - whether you want your thoughts to be published or not. I am also collecting statements of family members of serial killers for an anonymized study on that subject.

  WHITE Maureen sister of WHITE Richard Paul USA
  bild If it could possibly save one life, it is my duty to share a few things- warning signs. Richard Paul has always been violent. I wear scars from him to this day. As a young boy he was constantly threatened at (loaded) gun point.
Later in his life, he became the agressor with a big gun, and a chip on his shoulder. In numerous interviews of friends and neighbors, it is said that Richard Paul was "on the edge". He was. But nobody knew what, if anything, to do about it. His family wanted to help him with his anger issues, but none of us could afford the money for him to get psychiatric care. What is worse is that nobody believed him. He told me things that he had done (never anything about the murders), but Richard Paul was always saying -off the wall- stuff.
I didn't believe him. I didn't want to. So my words of warning are this:
If someone says they have done something, even if they haven't, they are asking for help. If they say these things to you, they must feel like you can help them. Please do.
Thanks for the opportunity to write this.
Maureen White