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  PACE Charlotte Murray *1980/../.. +2002/05/31 US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Charlotte Murray PACEThe 22-year-old Baton Rouge resident was found dead by her roommate at their Sharlo Avenue home on May 31, 2002. Pace, a Mississippi native, had graduated from LSU’s MBA program a week before her death. She was scheduled to begin work in August in Atlanta with prominent consulting firm Deloitte and Touche. Her death was brutal. Investigators have testified in pre-trial hearings that she was sexually assaulted, stabbed 81 times and beaten, possibly with a clothes iron. Lee was linked to the crime from DNA extracted from semen found on Pace’s body. Investigators believe Pace had just returned home when the attack occurred and had been eating lunch.
  Victim of LEE_derrick_todd

  PAPIN Georgina Faith *1964/03/11 +// CA
  Victim Georgina Faith PAPIN

Georgina Faith PAPIN leaves behind seven children including twins.

 "Everywhere we went, people always went 'Oh hi, Georgina,' everybody knew her. I was really proud that she was my mom." Kristina BATEMAN, PAPIN´s daughter.

  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  PARENTEAU Jill Marie *// +1979/06/14 US
  CA Burbank
  Victim Jill Marie PARENTEAU
  Victim of ALCALA_rodney_james

  PARKS Roberta Kathleen *1952// +1974/05/06 US
  WA Seattle
  Victim Roberta Kathleen PARKS
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  PARRISH Joanna *1969/../.. +1990/../.. FR
  Victim Joanna PARRISH
  Victim of FOURNIRET_michel

  PARTINGTON Lucy *1952/../.. +1973/../.. UK
  Victim Lucy PARTINGTON
  Victim of WEST_WEST

  PATERSON Julie *// +// US
  Victim Julie PATERSON
  Victim of HARKER_david

  PATTERSON Karen Denis *1953/../.. +1994/10/24 US
  NJ Trenton
  Victim Karen Denis PATTERSON
  Victim of BALAAM_anthony

  PATTON Iwana *// +// US
  FL Daytona Beach
  Victim Iwana PATTON
  Victim of unsolved DAYTONA_BEACH_executioner

  PAULES Tracy Inez *1967/../.. +1990/08/28 US
  FL Gainesville
  Victim Tracy Inez PAULESTracy Inez PAULES of Miami studied prelaw at UF. Paules was a member of the National Honor Society and 1984 homecoming queen at Miami's American High School, where she played soccer and softball. Tracy´s body was found on Aug. 28, 1990, in the Gatorwood Apartments unit she shared with Manuel R. TABOADA. She had been sexually assaulted
  Victim of ROLLING_danny_harold

  PAULSEN Sarah *1987// +1995/../.. US
  Victim Sarah PAULSEN
  Victim of BRITT_eugene_victor

  PAYNE Sabrina *// +// US
  IL Peoria
  Victim Sabrina PAYNE
  Victim of unsolved PEORIA_PROSTITUTE_killer

  PEARSON Yvonne *1957/../.. +1978/01/21 UK
  Victim Yvonne PEARSON
  Victim of SUTCLIFFE_peter_william

  PEREZ Fred *1901// +1973/../.. US
  CA Santa Cruz
  Victim Fred PEREZ
  Victim of MULLIN_herbert_william

  PESCE Mary Ann *// +// US
  Victim Mary Ann PESCE
  Victim of KEMPER_edmund_emil

  PETERSEN Tania *1969/12/28 +// CA
  Victim Tania PETERSEN
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  PITSOR Kimi Kai *// +// US
  Victim Kimi Kai PITSOR
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  PLAGER Delise Louise *// +// US
  Victim Delise Louise PLAGER
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  POND Ashley *// +// US
  Victim Ashley POND
  Victim of WEAVER_ward

  POWELL Christina *1973/../.. +1990/08/26 US
  FL Gainesville
  Victim Christina POWELLChristina POWELL of Jacksonville was a second semester UF freshman after attending summer school. She planned to study architecture. She graduated from Episcopal High School in 1990 and was editor of the high school yearbook and worked on the school's literary magazine. She also participated in a church youth group. Christina´s mutilated body was found on Aug. 26, 1990, downstairs in the apartment she shared with Sonja LARSON. She had been raped.
  Victim of ROLLING_danny_harold

  PREM Regina *// +// AT
  Victim Regina PREM
  Possible victim of UNTERWEGER_jack