Serial Killer Victims Index provides a place of memory for victims of serial killers.

Serial Killer Victims [m]

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  MABUNDA Johannah *1993// +2006// ZA
  Victim Johannah MABUNDA
  Victim of LIMPOPO_serial_killer

  MacDIARMID Sarah *// +// AU
  Victim Sarah MacDIARMID
  Victim of DENYER_paul

  MacDONALD Jayne *1961/../.. +1977/06/26 UK
  Victim Jayne MacDONALD
  Victim of SUTCLIFFE_peter_william

  MACK Sadie *1927// +2005// US
  MD Baltimore
  Victim Sadie MACK
  Victim of HOPEWELL_raymond

  MAC GLENNAN Brigitte *// +// UK
  Victim Brigitte MAC GLENNAN
  Victim of HARDY_anthony

  MADAY Michelle *1962/../.. +1982/05/23 US
  TX Houston
  Victim Michelle MADAY
  Victim of WATTS_coral_eugene

  MAHAFFY Leslie *// +// CA
  Victim Leslie MAHAFFY

  MAH Laura *1943/03/23 +// CA
  Victim Laura MAH
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  MAKHUBELA Matshidiso *2001// +2004// ZA
  Victim Matshidiso MAKHUBELA
  Victim of LIMPOPO_serial_killer

  MALETE Petros *1995// +2006// ZA
  Victim Petros MALETE
  Victim of LIMPOPO_serial_killer

  MALETE Rosinah *1997// +2006// ZA
  Victim Rosinah MALETE
  Victim of LIMPOPO_serial_killer

  MALLORY Richard *// +// US
  Victim Richard MALLORY
  Victim of WUORNOS_aileen_carol

  MALVAR Marie M. *// +// US
  Victim Marie M. MALVAR
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  MANSON Donna Gail *1955// +1974/03/12 US
  WA Seattle
  Victim Donna Gail MANSON
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  MASSER Brunhilde *// +// AT
  Victim Brunhilde MASSER
  Possible victim of UNTERWEGER_jack

  MATHEWS Gail Lynn *// +// US
  Victim Gail Lynn MATHEWS
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  MAYBERRY Tina *// +// US
  Victim Tina MAYBERRY
  Victim of JONES_jeremy_brian

  MBUKU Anele *// +2003// ZA
  Victim Anele MBUKU
  Victim of DUBE_sipho

  MBUKU Siyabonga *// +2003// ZA
  Victim Siyabonga MBUKU
  Victim of DUBE_sipho

  McCALISTER Shawanda Denise *// +// US
  Victim Shawanda Denise McCALISTER
  Victim of DUROUSSEAU_paul

  McCANN Wilma *1947// +1975/10/30 UK
  Victim Wilma McCANN
  Victim of SUTCLIFFE_peter_william

  McCRACKEN Lisa *// +1987/10/12 US
  IN Vincennes
  Victim Lisa McCRACKEN
  Victim of WHIPPS_jeffrey

  McDONELL Jacqueline Michelle *1976/06/06 +// CA
  Victim Jacqueline Michelle McDONELLJacqueline Michelle McDONELL leaves behind a daughter.

"She was the kind of kid that sort of struck me as being the sort that would have gotten a VW van together and would have grabbed a bunch of friends and they would have driven down to Mexico and you wouldn´t see them for six months." Friend Elaine ALLEN, who got to know Jacquie at the drop-in centre where ALLEN worked.


  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  McDONNELL Marsha *// +// UK
  Victim Marsha McDONNELL
  Victim of unsolved LONDON_HAMMER_murders

  McFALL Ann *// +1967/../.. UK
  Victim Ann McFALL
  Victim of WEST_WEST

  McHENRY Deborah *1954// +1995// US
  Victim Deborah McHENRY
  Victim of BRITT_eugene_v

  McHENRY Taddemika *// +// US
  Victim Taddemika McHENRY
  Victim of unsolved TRUCK_STOP_serial_killer

  McKENZIE Mark *// +2005// US
  ID Coeur d´Alene
  Victim Mark McKENZIE
  Victim of DUNCAN_edward_joseph

  McLEOD Ivy Violet *// +// US
  Victim Ivy Violet McLEOD
  Victim of LEONSKI_edward_joseph

  MEBRUER Randy *// +// US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Randy MEBRUER
  Victim of LEE_derrick_todd

  MEEHAN Mary Bridget *// +// US
  Victim Mary Bridget MEEHAN
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  MELNICK Diana *1975/08/26 +// CA
  Victim Diana MELNICK"I work in the Downtown Eastside, the back side alley of hell. I remembered she loved horses, and would never wear her skirt or our uniform. I hope someone finds her and brings her home. It is not a nice place to be lost." Message posted by Emily NORRIS on a website dedicated to Vancouver´s missing women. 
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  MICHALOWSKI Anthony *// +// US
  PA Pittsburg
  Victim Anthony MICHALOWSKI
  Victim of unsolved MARSHALL

  MILLER David *1967// +1967// US
  CA Long Beach
  Victim David MILLER
  Victim of MILLER_cheryl_athene

  MILLER Kimberly *1969// +1970// US
  CA Calpella
  Victim Kimberly MILLER
  Victim of MILLER_cheryl_athene

  MILLIGAN Terry Rene *// +// US
  Victim Terry Rene MILLIGAN
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  MILLS Opal Charmaine *// +// US
  Victim Opal Charmaine MILLS
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  MILLWARD Vera *1938// +1978/05/16 UK
  Victim Vera MILLWARD
  Victim of SUTCLIFFE_peter_william

  MINER Leigh *1958/03/24 +// CA
  Victim Leigh MINER
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  MIRANDA Carmen *1969// +2006// US
  AZ Phoenix
  Victim Carmen MIRANDA
  Victim of BASELINE_killer

  MOITZI Sabine *// +// AT
  Victim Sabine MOITZI
  Possible victim of UNTERWEGER_jack

  MOLLOY Kevin *1958// +2004// UK
  Victim Kevin MOLLOY
  Victim of GONZALES_daniel

  MONTGOMERY Elizabeth *1956/../.. +1981/09/12 US
  TX Houston
  Victim Elizabeth MONTGOMERY
  Victim of WATTS_coral_eugene

  MOORE Christine *// +// US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Christine MOORE
  Victim of unsolved BATON_ROUGE_serial_killer

  MOORE Marilyn Ann *1951// +// CA
  Victim Marilyn Ann MOORE
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  MOORE Nakita *1981// +1995// US
  Victim Nakita MOORE
  Victim of BRITT_eugene_victor

  MOTT Juanita *1956/../.. +1975/../.. UK
  Victim Juanita MOTT
  Victim of WEST_WEST

  MULLEN Mary *1877/../.. +1962/06/28 US
  MA Boston
  Victim Mary MULLEN
  Victim of unsolved BOSTON_strangler

  MURDOCK Jacqueline Maria *1971// +// CA
  Victim Jacqueline Maria MURDOCK
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  MYLES Rhonda *45// +// US
  MI Detroit
  Victim Rhonda MYLES
  Victim of BROOKS_shelly_andre