Serial Killer Victims Index provides a place of memory for victims of serial killers.

Serial Killer Victims [k]

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  KEELER Dorothy *// +// US
  Victim Dorothy KEELER
  Victim of SHAWCROSS_arthur_john

  KENNY Anna *// +// UK
  Victim Anna KENNY
  Victim of unsolved WORLDS_END_murders

  KENT Debbie *1957/../.. +1974/11/08 US
  UT Salt Lake City
  Victim Debbie KENT
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  KILBRIDE John *// +// UK
  Victim John KILBRIDE

  KILPATRIK Nikia Shanell *// +// US
  Victim Nikia Shanell KILPATRIK
  Victim of DUROUSSEAU_paul

  KINAMORE Pamela *1958/../.. +2002/07/12 US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Pamela KINAMORE
  Victim of LEE_derrick_todd

  KIROMBO Marie Ascension *// +// BE
  Victim Marie Ascension KIROMBO
  Victim of FOURNIRET_michel

  KLEINER Kathy *1958// +1978// US
  Victim Kathy KLEINER
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  KLEIN Dennis *// +// DE
  Victim Dennis KLEIN
  Victim of unsolved MASKENMANN

  KNIGHT Catherine Maureen *1966// +// CA
  Victim Catherine Maureen KNIGHT
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  KOO Aiko *// +// US
  Victim Aiko KOO
  Victim of KEMPER_edmund_emil

  KOSKI Kerry Lynn *1959/08/14 +// CA
  Victim Kerry Lynn KOSKIKerry Lynn KOSKI leaves behind three daughters.

"She was a "normal" person who one day decided, for some ungodly reason, to stick a needle in her arm. The thing that really breaks my heart is the fact that she decided to experiment with a drug, and that drug was so devastating that within three months of trying it, she was no longer here." Brother-in-law Terry HUGHES. 

  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  KUWANE Lukhanyo *// +// ZA
  Victim Lukhanyo KUWANE
  Victim of DUBE_sipho