Serial Killer Victims Index provides a place of memory for victims of serial killers.

Serial Killer Victims [D]

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  DANAIS Natacha *1977// +1990/11/ FR
  Victim Natacha DANAIS
  Victim of FOURNIRET_michel

  DAVIS Delores *// +// US
  KS Wichita
  Victim Delores DAVIS
  Victim of RADER_dennis_l

  DAVIS Sandra *1953// +../../.. US
  MI Detroit
  Victim Sandra DAVIS
  Victim of BROOKS_shelly_andre

  DA SILVA Jonathan *// +// BR
  Victim Jonathan DA SILVA
  Victim of CHAGAS_francisco_das

  DELAGRANGE Amelie *// +../../.. UK
  Victim Amelie DELAGRANGE
  Victim of LONDON_HAMMER_murders

  DELANEY J. *// +// US
  MA Boston
  Victim J. DELANEY
  Victim of unsolved BOSTON_strangler

  DEPPNER Danny *// +// US
  Victim Danny DEPPNER
  Victim of KUKLINSKI_richard

  DeSOTO Geralyn *// +// US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Geralyn DeSOTO
  Victim of LEE_derrick_todd

  DESRAMAULT Jeanne-Marie *// +1989/../.. FR
  Victim Jeanne-Marie DESRAMAULT
  Victim of FOURNIRET_michel

  DEVINE Kathleen Merry *1958// +1973/11/25 US
  Victim Kathleen Merry DEVINE
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  de VRIES Sarah Jean *1969/05/12 +// CA
  Victim Sarah Jean de VRIESBorn to a troubled mother on May 12, 1969, she was adopted at the age of 11 months by Jan and Pat de Vries. She was their fourth and youngest child, joining Maggie, eight, Peter, six, and Mark, three.

De Vries grew up in the tony, and back then, overwhelmingly white neighbourhood of West Point Grey in Vancouver, a precocious child of black, native and Mexican ancestry who loved to swim and draw.

"If she were some square john´s little girl, shit would hit the goddamn fan. Front page news for weeks, people protesting in the streets... While the happy hooker just starts to decay, like she didn´t matter, expendable, dishonourable. It´s a shame that society is that unfeeling. She was some woman´s little girl, gone astray, lost from the right path." Written in one of her journals by Sarah de VRIES.

  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  DICKERSON Vivian Hartford *// +// US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Vivian Hartford DICKERSON
  Victim of unsolved BATON_ROUGE_serial_killer

  DOBSON Vivian *// +// US
  Victim Vivian DOBSON
  Victim of ROSS_michael_bruce

  DOE Jane *// +// US
  MI Detroit
  Victim Jane DOE
  Victim of BROOKS_shelly_andre

  DOMECE Marie-Angele *1969// +1988/../.. FR
  Victim Marie-Angele DOMECE
  Victim of FOURNIRET_michel

  DONAHUE Sheryl *1963/07/04 +// CA
  Victim Sheryl DONAHUE
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  DOWNEY Lesley Ann *// +// UK
  Victim Lesley Ann DOWNEY

  DREIBELBIS Mark *1954// +1973// US
  CA Redwoods State Park
  Victim Mark DREIBELBIS
  Victim of MULLIN_herbert_william

  DREW Tiffany Louise *1975/01/13 +// CA
  Victim Tiffany Louise DREWTiffany Louise DREW leaves behind three children.

 "Tiffany Drew was a beautiful young girl. She was absolutely immaculate when she came to her appearance. She was beautifully coiffed and manicured at all times. She took a great deal of care to her appearance." Elaine Allan, drop-in centre worker who befriended Drew.

  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  DULL Judy *// +// US
  Victim Judy DULL
  Victim of GLATMAN_harvey_murray

  DUMBA Elaine Phyllis *1955/03/12 +// CA
  Victim Elaine Phyllis DUMBA
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  DUNLAP Tonya *1971// +1995// US
  Victim Tonya DUNLAP
  Victim of BRITT_eugene_victor

  DUTCHER Helen *// +// US
  Victim Helen DUTCHER
  Victim of WATTS_coral_eugene