Serial Killer Victims Index provides a place of memory for victims of serial killers.

Serial Killer Victims [C]

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  CADIGAN Margaret *// +../../.. US
  MA Boston
  Victim Margaret CADIGAN
  Victim of BOSTON_strangler

  CAMPBELL Caryn *1952// +1975/01/12 US
  CO Aspen
  Victim Caryn CAMPBELL
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  CARD Brian Scott *1954// +1973// US
  CA Redwoods State Park
  Victim Brian Scott CARD
  Victim of MULLIN_herbert_william

  CAUGHEY Carrie Ann *1986// +2004/../.. US
  Victim Carrie CAUGHEY
  Victim of McWATTERS_eugene

  CHAMBERS Alison *1960// +1977/../.. UK
  Victim Alison CHAMBERS
  Victim of WEST_WEST

  CHANDLER Karen *1957// +1978/../.. US
  Victim Karen CHANDLER
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  CHAPMAN Marcia Faye *// +../../.. US
  Victim Marcia Faye CHAPMAN
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  CHARITY Evelyn *// +../../.. US
  Victim Evelyn CHARITY
  Victim of WEBB_emanuel_lovell

  CHAUKE Joshua *1995// +2006/../.. ZA
  Victim Joshua CHAUKE
  Victim of LIMPOPO_serial_killer

  CHILDERS Andrea M. *// +../../.. US
  Victim Andrea M. CHILDERS
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  CHINNOCK Heather Gabrielle *1970/11/10 +../../.. CA
  Victim Heather Gabrielle CHINNOCK

Heather CHINNOCK leaves behind two children. 

"She talked about getting clean but the drugs and the booze had the best of her..." Friend Gary Bigg.

  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  CHRISTENSEN Carol *// +// US
  Victim Carol CHRISTENSEN
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  CHURCH Heather Dawn *// +1991/../.. US
  CO Colorado Springs
  Victim Heather Dawn CHURCH
  Victim of BROWNE_robert_charles

  CLARKE Caroline Jane *// +../../.. AU
  Victim Caroline Jane CLARKE
  Victim of MILAT_ivan

  CLARK Nancy *1966// +// NA
  Victim Nancy CLARKNancy CLARK leaves behind two daughters.
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  CLARK Sophie *1942/../.. +1962/12/05 US
  MA Boston
  Victim Sophie CLARK
  Victim of BOSTON_strangler

  CLYNE Jeanne *1935// +1979/10/31 US
  MI Detroit
  Victim Jeanne CLYNE
  Victim of WATTS_coral_eugene

  COBB Sylvia *// +../../.. US
  LA Baton Roughe
  Victim Sylvia COBB
  Victim of unsolved BATON_ROUGE_serial_killer

  COFFIELD Wendy Lee *// +// US
  Victim Wendy Lee COFFIELD
  Victim of RIDGWAY_gary_leon

  COHEN Surita Ann *// +../../.. US
  Victim Surita Ann COHEN
  Victim of DUROUSSEAU_paul

  COLOMB Trineisha Dene *1979// +2002/11/21 US
  LA Baton Rouge
  Victim Trineisha Dene COLOMBColomb is the only death linked to Lee outside of the Baton Rouge area. The 23-year-old, who had plans to join the U.S. Marine Corps, was reported missing on Nov. 21, 2002. Her abandoned car had been found on a road near the cemetery where her mother, who died eight months earlier, is buried in Grand Coteau. A hunter discovered Colomb’s body on Nov. 24, 2002, in a wooded area near Scott. She had been sexually assaulted and beaten to death. The portion of the trial focusing on Colomb’s death will be presented by Lafayette Parish prosecutor Bill Babin. Babin said he expects one to two days of the Pace trial will be devoted to Colomb’s death, including roughly 10 witnesses, from the hunter who discovered her body to investigating officers and forensic experts.
  Victim of LEE_derrick_todd

  COOLEY Melanie *1957/../.. +1975/../.. US
  CO Nederland
  Victim Melanie COOLEY
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  COONEY Agnes *// +../../.. UK
  Victim Agnes COONEY
  Victim of WORLDS_END_murders

  COOPER Carol Ann *1959// +1974/../.. UK
  Victim Carol Ann COOPER
  Victim of WEST_WEST

  COOPER Dawn Lynn *// +// CA
  Victim Dawn Lynn COOPER
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  CORBIN Evelyn *1905// +1963/09/08 US
  MA Boston
  Victim Evelyn CORBIN
  Victim of BOSTON_strangler

  COSTELLO Rena *// +1970// UK
  Victim Rena COSTELLO
  Victim of WEST_WEST

  CRAWFORD Carlton *1923// +2005// US
  MD Baltimore
  Victim Carlton CRAWFORD
  Victim of HOPEWELL_raymond

  CRAWFORD Wendy *1956/04/21 +../../.. CA
  Victim Wendy CRAWFORD

Wendy CRAWFORD leaves behind a son and a daughter. 

"She was a mother of two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. She was a sister and an aunt, as well as a grand-aunt and a friend... " (written by Susie Kinshella, Crawfords sister in2004)

  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  CREISON Marcella Helen *1978// +// CA
  Victim Marcella Helen CREISON
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  CREY Dawn *1958/10/26 +../../.. CA
  Victim Dawn CREY
  Possible victim of PICKTON_robert_william

  CRUZ Janelle Lisa *// +../../.. US
  Victim Janelle Lisa CRUZ
  Victim of EAST_AREA_rapist

  CUNNINGHAM Julie *1949// +1975/03/15 US
  CO Vail
  Victim Julie CUNNINGHAM
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  CUNNINGHAM Kurt Michael *// +// US
  Victim Kurt Michael CUNNINGHAM
  Victim of HOUMA_serial_killer

  CURTIS Sue *// +1975/06/28 US
  Victim Sue CURTIS
  Victim of BUNDY_theodore_robert

  CUYLER Valentina *1966// +1995/03/19 US
  NJ Trenton
  Victim Valentina CUYLER
  Victim of BALAAM_anthony