Serial Killer Victims Index provides a place of memory for victims of serial killers.

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A Place of Memory

When researching for my project the past years, I noticed, that while there exists lot of information, literature, movies, studies etc. about serial killers, little is written and known about their victims and their victim´s lives. Even worse - the lower the social rank of a victim, the lower the media-response and the official reactions to a killing.

To cut it short, I had two reasons to launch this site:
First I want to explicitly point to the fact, that victims of serial killers lost a real life - a life with a future, hopes, talents, ambitions. Their gruesome loss left parents, partners, children, friends deeply hurt and damaged the lives of those near and loving irrevocably. Further I would like to invite relatives of serial killer victims to publish the victim´s bio here. If you would like me to publish the story of your loved one, please contact me.

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